Original bass player of Van Halen, Michael Anthony posted some photos with his family on Instagram taken at his granddaughter Billie Lynn’s baptism and revealed how much he missed playing live on stage.

As you might know, the former Van Halen bassist and current member of Chickenfoot and The Circle, Michael Anthony has been sharing wonderful memories with his family on social media, particularly with his grandchildren whom he loved dearly.

Michael Anthony has been married to his wife Sue for over 39 years now and the couple has two daughters named Elisha and Taylor. Elisha welcomed her second child, Billie Lynn, on July 23, 2019.

Recently on Instagram, Michael posted photos with his family taken during the baptism ceremony of his youngest granddaughter Billie Lynn. As you will see in the photos below, Michael seems to be thrilled by witnessing this special day surrounded by his family.

Furthermore, on the caption of his post, Michael mentioned how much he missed being on stage and performing live in front of the fans. He asserted that he was more than ready to play live again and looking forward to being over with all these challenging days of coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what Michael Anthony stated on the caption of his post:

Beautiful day today witnessing my granddaughter Billie Lynn being baptized!! With the pandemic and everything else in the world going on today, this is a total breath of fresh air in my life!! I love my family, make sure you all give everybody you love a hug today!

Can’t wait to get out and rock for all of you again!!!

You can see the photos Michael Anthony posted on Instagram below.