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Mark Stone, the original bass player of Van Halen, whom he played for two years from 1972 until 1974, was reported to pass away due to cancer after a long battle in hospice recently.

The Van Halen family, the most loyal fans of the band since the beginning of the forming days, mourned the death of the former bassist, Mark Stone. Confirmed by Stone’s brother on Instagram, the grieving news crushed the fans who know the history of him with the legendary band a little bit.

In 1972, the trio, compiled of Mark Stone on bass, Eddie Van Halen on guitar, and Alex Van Halen on drums, began their musical journey by calling themselves Genesis. Soon after, their popularity increased a lot and they changed their names into Mammoth while expanding their repertoire.

When David Lee Roth joined the band as the lead singer, the four members decided to change their names into its final form, Van Halen. Split between his school and musical career, Mark Stone couldn’t keep up with the rest anymore and was asked to leave the band in 1974.

Though the dedicated fans of Van Halen have been expressing their condolences to Mark’s family and friends, the band hasn’t made a statement about the sorrowful departure of Stone on social media platforms yet.

Here is what Mark Stone said during an interview about leaving the band back then:

“I was a straight ‘A’ student, and doing the band, and I was split between these two things, and basically I couldn’t keep up with them.

We met one day, and they actually asked me to leave. For a long time it was really tough. It was really tough leaving that band because I knew they were destined for greatness.

They say, ‘Don’t leave before the miracle happens.’ And I did.”

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