During a recent interview with Metal Insider, Overkill frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth has revealed that how internet affected whole metal community.

Here’s the statement:

“I still do not have a personal Facebook or Twitter account. I don’t like it. I enjoy my privacy, but when I see people, I enjoy personal contact. Now, we’re not so out of touch that we don’t have Facebook and Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts for the band. We realize these are necessary to reach people.

We’re the last cowboys. We grew up [when] the Internet didn’t exist. And when we were 10 years into our career, it was infantile. But we still knew that it was gonna be the wave of the future, and now, the present, that we prepared ourselves for it.

So I don’t miss it, because I still shake hands. I just came from a release party, where I shook 250 hands and took 250 pictures, because that’s kind of where I come from. I’m not gonna say it’s a lost art, but it’s a comfortable place for me to be, because it’s what I knew growing up, and what I know even in the present day.”

He also talked about his lyrical themes, and said:

“Well, I write from two perspectives. I mean, I write from what I’ve accumulated over the years, and that could be considered weight in some cases, but also principle. I think anybody who’s done this for a 34 year period is …

As myself, I know I’ve established certain principles, whether they be loyalty, whether they be commitment, or purity, or honesty. I think that these are a lot of the things that Overkill has always taken with them. I think we’re aware of what goes on around us, within the scene that we’re part of.”

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