During the recent interview with The Classic Metal Show, Overkill frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth talked about their new single track called “Head Of A Pin”.

He said that ‘it sounded like Black Sabbath on great meth’. Here’s the statement:

“Some of the most brutal drums that we’ve ever had are contained on ‘Head Of A Pin’— the patterns that were being played and the tempo changes, going from mid-tempo all the way up to pretty close to breakneck on the musical interludes in between the singing.

The song is totally infused with melody. It’s all a sing-along, but it sounds like… my god, it sounds like a massacre with a sing-along to me. This showed instant diversity to me — the tonality of the guitar mixing with where we put the tempo.

When the song came in, it sounded like Black Sabbath on great meth — Black Sabbath on ‘Breaking Bad’. That, to me, was what the diversity was about — not that all things are just the same, [but] all things are the same and all things are a little bit different each time.

At the end of the day, ‘Head Of A Pin’ still says Overkill. It’s something I think we’re very proud of, to be able to show some diversity and the fact that we’ve been doing it for this long.”

He also revealed what he thinks about band’s longevity and said:

“As serious as we are about our music, we don’t take ourselves that seriously, and it’s probably one of the other reasons that we’ve been around this long. We’re kind of leather-skinned at this point — we’ll do what we want.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.

Listen to the new song “Head of a Pin” below.