During a recent interview with Chuck Marshall from Metal Wani, Overkill singer Bobby Blitz Ellsworth has shared the biggest difference between 80’s metal scene and today’s metal scene.

Here’s the statement:

 “As far as excitement goes, the excitement is still there. I run into some of the old timers sometimes — they go, ‘Oh, it’s not like the good old days.’ I’m like, ‘You’re missing out, bro. Fucking pay attention’… I think the main difference is that in the ’80s, [thrash] was being created from day to day.

I think that that was kind of the cool vibe about the entire scene. There was no template to go by — it was really taking the energy of punk and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and the Black Sabbath’s and the Judas Priest’s, and kind of mixing it up into a bag in different parts of the world and different parts of the U.S., and all coming up with kind of similar results that turned into what thrash metal is, whether it be Kreator in Germany or the Exodus guys out on the West Coast or Overkill in New York.

The cool thing was the template was being created simultaneously, and we were getting similar results. I think the biggest difference is that the excitement back then was because who knew what was next. Now, we kind of know what’s next, but we’re still enjoying it.”

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