Overkill’s new album “The Grinding Wheel” will be released on February 10, 2017. In an interview by Ghost Cult, the group vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth spoke about his thoughts on the new album. He said:

“I’m glad you’re digging it, because we are too. A lot of people that have heard it have said it’s our ‘epic’ album, and I think the diversity of the songs is why they say that. We really threw everything that we love about heavy metal into each song. Whether it was thrash, or punk rock, or New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, it’s all there, and each song is its own monster, I think.

I think it’s cool to hear the punk rock feel in tracks like ‘Goddamn Trouble’ and ‘Let’s All Go To Hades’, then hear the thrash in ‘Mean, Green, Killing Machine’, then hear the groove in ‘Our Finest Hour’, and also the ‘epicness’ in ‘The Grinding Wheel’ at the end. It makes for an exciting listen for any metal fan, so we are super proud of it.

Overkill has released two new single songs so far. You can listen to it from below.