Black Sabbath frontman and known as The Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, was the guest of a recent TV documentary that was aired on A&E and revealed the details of how he tried to kill his wife Sharon Osbourne.

As you might already know, Ozzy was struggling with using a series of drugs as well as alcohol. In the documentary named ‘Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne,’ Ozzy admitted that after some of their fights in their home, he went high using a series of drugs and tried to choke his wife Sharon.

Later on, Sharon managed to push the panic button while Ozzy was trying to kill her and cops came and arrest Ozzy in a short time. According to Ozzy, the only thing he remembers about the night is waking up in jail.

Here is what Sharon told about that night:

“I had no idea who sat across from me on the sofa, but it wasn’t my husband. He gets to a stage where he gets this look in his eyes where his shutters are down and I couldn’t get through to him. We’ve come to a decision that you’ve got to die.

He was calm — very, very calm — and he lunged across at me. I felt the stuff on the table and felt the panic button and just pressed it. Next thing I know the cops were there.”

Ozzy Osbourne tells the story:

“All I remember is waking up in Amersham jail. I asked the cop, ‘Why am I here?’ and he says, ‘You want me to read your charge?’ So he read, ‘John Michael Osbourne, you have been arrested for the attempted murder of Sharon Osbourne.’

It’s not exactly one of my greatest f—ing achievements. I was very, very surprised when Sharon did not seek charges against me.”

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