Considered as one of the greatest drummers of all time, Carmine Appice was recently interviewed by Full in Bloom and revealed a really blood-curdling story about The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon Osbourne.

Carmine Appice also stated that Sharon was the one who fired him and killed his dreams.

Here is what Carmine said:

“I wanted to create music and go into the studio with me playing drums and get that killer drum sound that I knew how to get for Ozzy and help write songs and just be involved. She fired me, it killed all those dreams, and it was a drag.

I remember sitting at home, as you read in the book, watching MTV… and this is what else she didn’t like: I had friends at MTV like J.J. Jackson. She didn’t like that, she was pushing Jack E. Lee, not Carmine Appice, so all that stuff.

I had my own PR, I had my own shirts on the tour, so she cut my head off of the shirts. It was crazy, man. I was having a good time, it doesn’t matter, I know how to work an audience, that’s why I joined Rod Stewart, he told me that.”

Full in Bloom asked this back:

“I think I’m most blown away that how normal it was, like, you’re watching them set up a table and Ozzy just punches her in the face and you were, like, ‘What the fuck?”

Carmine Appice responded and said that:

“Oh yeah, oh my god. As I said, I’m from an Italian family, we don’t hit women like that. I was ready to go in between them and say, ‘Ozzy, what are you doing?’

Bob Daisley said, ‘Stay out of it. She punches him, he punches her, it’s ridiculous.’ And we’re in a restaurant on the side of a freeway, you know, at a truck stop.”

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