The bedtime photos of legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne and his lovely wife, Sharon Osbourne, has been exposed by the famous talk show program ‘The Talk’ on Twitter and showed how cute couple they are.

In the picture, Ozzy and Sharon are lying down on the bed, but they were not alone. There are lots of cute and sweet puppies on the bed, and they were all looking adorable that you will smile after seeing this picture. In this way, this couple showed how kind-hearted and cute people they are.

Here is what The Talk wrote:

“Sharon Osbourne can’t go to sleep without all of her pups! What can’t you sleep without?”

A fan named Melinde replied:

“Turning out the lights and set the sleep timer on the TV.”

Another fan named Lori said:

“Adorable! The show is so funny and you guys so honest..needed a good laugh today and know I’m not alone!”

You can check out the post below.