Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne recently shared a post on Instagram to announce that he will release his never-before-seen artwork as an NFT collection.

In December 2021, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he had joined the NFT craze with his project named ‘Cryptobatz.’ This collection had almost one thousand NFTs uniquely designed by Ozzy for his fans, inspired by his controversial bat-biting incident.

Osbourne designed the Cryptobatz with NFT studio Sutter Systems and unveiled the creations in January 2022. Moreover, each of the Cryptobatz shares a pretty interesting feature. When they bite other NFTs from the collector’s wallet, they mutate them and create new ones named ‘MutantBatz.’

The Prince of Darkness previously announced the launch of ‘MutantBatz’ on February 20 with an entertaining commercial video on his Instagram. Recently, the musician revealed another NFT project in one of his posts to unveil his unreleased artwork.

In his Instagram post, Ozzy Osbourne announced that he would release a series of his limited edition artworks as a new NFT collection. Moreover, the singer revealed that he is also a painter, and he didn’t release any of these artworks before. He then added that Cryptobatz holders would be able to get one of these new NFTs for free.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Instagram post read:

“For anybody that hasn’t heard: I will be releasing a series of limited edition artworks as an NFT collection. I have been painting for decades and never released my work to the world. All CryptoBatz NFT holders will be able to mint one for free.”

You can check out the picture Ozzy Osbourne included in his post below.

Photo Credit: Ozzy Osbourne – Instagram