Former Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne shared a new photo on his official Instagram page today and announced that he’s back in the studio to record new songs for a potential new album.

Ozzy is one of the most popular figures of the heavy metal scene and he’s mostly known as the former lead vocalist of Black Sabbath. He has released ten studio recordings with Sabbath and twelve studio albums as a solo musician during his 54 year-long career, and fans have been patiently waiting to hear some new tracks.

Osbourne released his latest studio album named ‘Ordinary Man’ last year and it’s the twelfth studio album by The Prince of Darkness. The album was released by Epic Records and it features eleven unique tracks, including collaboration songs with Elton John and Post Malone. Although the album got mixed reviews from the fans and critics, it managed to peak at No. 1 in Billboard’s US Top Hard Rock Albums list.

Although Ozzy has kept his silence upon releasing the music video of ‘It’s A Raid’ featuring Post Malone, he recently shared a new photo on his home studio and hinted at recording a new song or album soon. However, the Black Sabbath icon did not give away any details about his upcoming projects.

Ozzy penned a simple and plain message saying:

“At the studio.”

You can check out the photo he shared and his latest music video below.

Photo Credit: Ozzy Osbourne – Instagram