The daughter of iconic musician Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne unclosed her biggest regret after she heard the death news of Brigid Berlin, the famous figure who was renowned as Andy Warhol’s superstar.

Brigid Berlin, who died at the age of 80, was one of the dearest friends of artist Andy Warhol. She worked as a receptionist for Andy Warhol’s ‘Interview Magazine‘ and had small roles in several of his films. She was also known as the woman who introduced Warhol to the Polaroid camera.

Kelly Osbourne, extremely sad with the loss of Berlin, expressed her feelings on Instagram. She mentioned that she was more than a fan of Berlin, she was obsessed with her. Osbourne revealed that her biggest regret will always be that she never got to meet Brigid Berlin, a woman whom Osbourne calls the greatest pop culture muse of all time.

Here is what Kelly Osbourne said on her Instagram post:

“Today we lost, in my opinion, the greatest pop culture muse of all time. To say that I was a fan of Brigid Berlin is an understatement. I was obsessed. I will never be able to eat Keylime pie and not think of her.

See and Andy Warhol painting and not acknowledge how she influenced it in some way. One of my biggest regrets will always be that I never got to meet her. I hope you are resting peacefully Polk in that big old pie in the sky. 😢🙏💜”

After commemorating Berlin, Kelly Osbourne expressed her deep sorrows on another death news. John Lewis’ death, which occurred the same day with Berlin’s, affected Kelly Osbourne to call 2020 as the worst year ever. On her latest Instagram post, Osbourne thanked and paid respect to the towering figure of the civil rights movement, John Lewis.

Here is what Osbourne said on her latest Instagram post:

“2020 is officially the worst year ever I can’t believe I’m posting 2 of these tonight. Thank you John Lewis for paving the way. Thank you for your incredible contributions not just to the civil rights movement but to the world. Rest In Peace 🙏😢💜 Good trouble.”

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