After deciding to kick alcohol out of her life three years ago, Ozzy Osbourne’s lovely daughter Kelly took to her Instagram Stories today and answered if she ever drank anything at all after quitting the alcohol back in 2015.

Over these three years, Kelly Osbourne has shared the exact number of how many days she’s been sober for frequently, and she unveiled how did she get back to life after giving up on herself with her alcohol addiction.

After saying that her dad Ozzy and lovely mother Sharon have not given up on her even one day, she also answered the fans’ question of if she’s ever drunk in these 3 years. Kelly stated that he plans never to drink again and suggested fan to stick to it to that plan too.

Here is the Direct Message of Kelly Osbourne’s follower:

“Dear Miss Osbourne, I hope you are well during this terrible time. I know you have battles with addiction and that you have been sober for a long time now.

I myself have had the same troubles but I was just wondering do you not drink at all? A glass of wine at dinner or a pint in the pub with friends? I miss the pub. Take care.”

Kelly Osbourne took to her answer to the question on Instagram Stories to make it an example to all of her followers and exposed the truth.

Here is what she said as a response:

“To answer this question: No, I do not drink. At all. I have not had a drink in 3 years and god willing I never will again. I hope you stick to it.

Life gets really good when you stop.”

You can check out the conversation right below.

Photo Credit: Kelly Osbourne – Instagram Stories