The legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account and revealed that she spent her Thanksgiving with her friend Greta, who is a cancer patient. Her post got more than 700 comments and fans pointed out something which Kelly had overlooked.

On Thanksgiving, Kelly posted a photo with her friend Greta Barlow Clawson, who is a cancer patient, and said that she had the best Thanksgiving ever. Kelly stated that holidays are hard for her due to family dramas or because of ‘the wave of resentment I sometimes get because I lost my drinking privileges.’

As you probably know, Kelly had serious alcohol and drug abuse problems which lead to her experiencing psychological distress, especially after losing one of her friends, Amy Winehouse. During her rehabilitation process, Greta never left her side and thus their friendship grew even stronger.

This Thanksgiving she decided to spend time with Greta, with whom they checked in in a nice hotel, ordered room service, and spent the whole day watching movies. Kelly said that this was the best Thanksgiving ever and asked her fans how they spent theirs.

Even though this was a heartwarming post for many, some concentrated on something different in Kelly’s recent post. While some corrected her grammar and word usage, others questioned why she celebrated Thanksgiving, to begin with.

Firstly, some picked up on her wrong use of words, such as plural ‘women’ instead of singular ‘woman’ when talking about her friend Greta. Also, some said that she used ‘weather’ instead of ‘whether’ and told her to correct it.

Secondly, others pointed out that she is British and not American and thus, it does not make sense for her to celebrate Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, it seems like both Greta and Kelly had a good time as Kelly says that all she felt was ‘love and gratitude’ for Greta.

Here’s what Kelly said in the caption of her Instagram post:

Holidays are always hard for me whether it’s because of ‘normal family Bullshit’ or the wave of resentment I sometimes get because I lost my drinking privileges (I was just too good at it 😉). With the coronavirus on the rise again it not being safe to be with all our loved ones this year. I followed the rules got tested and tried something different…

The beautiful woman next to me is Greta Barlow Clawson she has cancer (that she will beat)… we checked into a hotel. Ordered room service. Stayed in bed watching movies all day! It was the best Thanksgiving EVER! I am filled with soooo much love and gratitude for this woman I could explode. How did you spend your Thanksgiving?”

Here’s what one of Kelly followers commented:

“Kelly, you’re English. You don’t need Thanksgiving. Also, it is ‘whether’ not ‘weather.'”

And this is what another one said:

“The bad grammar is a distraction…”

While others appreciated Kelly’s nice gesture:

“Wow, you are a great friend. I fought cancer. I fought it alone with no support. Cancer is hard. Fighting alone is harder. You’re such a sweet friend for making thanksgiving fun for your friend.”

You can check out the photo that Kelly posted on her Instagram account below.