Black Sabbath‘s iconic frontman Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon and daughter Kelly Osbourne joined a show of People Magazine and revealed that Ozzy liked to watch weird shows about pimple popping.

As you might remember, the legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne and his family had their own reality show named ‘The Osbournes‘ broadcasted between the years of 2002 and 2005. The show depicted the domestic life of the heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne and his family. Following the success of the show, Ozzy’s wife Sharon started hosting her show named ‘The Sharon Osbourne Show,’ while their daughter Kelly launched her career as a singer, actress, and fashion designer.

However, later, Ozzy revealed that he actually hated reality Tv shows in an interview he joined and said:

“I’m sick and tired of it. It seems that every time I turn on the TV they’ve got another bunch of celebrities with cameras in their faces following them around for a new show and I can’t stand it.”

During a recent appearance of Kelly and Sharon on PeopleTV, they talked about how much they enjoyed watching reality shows on TV. The interviewer asked Kelly whether she felt weird about watching other shows after her own experience with the camera and Kelly answered by saying:

“It’s so funny. We love all shows like ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ And then we love ‘Jersey Shore‘.”

Furthermore, Kelly explained how Ozzy was feeling about seeing any of those shows and said:

“Dad can’t stand it. He hates it so much. But we love it!”

Additionally, Kelly Osbourne revealed what kind of shows Ozzy liked to watch. Apparently, Ozzy had some unusual interest in watching doctors popping huge pimples from different parts of their bodies. During the interview, Kelly stated that she found his habit disgusting and explained why by adding:

“He loves to watch people getting bitten by snakes. And DR. Pimple Popper. I fucking hate it and don’t understand how it can be on TV. I think people who watch it are disgusting. It makes me think about what is wrong with you?

You can watch the video of the interview with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne on Twitter below.