Prince of Darkness, Black Sabbath singer, Ozzy Osbourne spoke in an interview with Loudwire and revealed his thoughts about hologram touring. He said:

If I’m gone, I don’t have a say in the matter. From what I know of Prince, he wouldn’t have liked that [Ozzy was addressing recent rumors that Justin Timberlake contemplated a duet with a hologram of Prince at Super Bowl halftime show]. I don’t think so.

I read an article about him and he would never do taped interviews because his voice was his income.

And I know that from first hand because there was a time when people were pressing interviews on vinyl and I’m walking in the park one day and a guy had like 200 albums. I said, ‘What’s that?’ and it was a bootleg interview.

I can’t complain. *jokingly adopts ghostly voice* I’m the Prince of Darkness, I will haunt you. Go fucking wild!

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