One of the legendary vocalists of all time, Ozzy Osbourne, joined a recent interview with GQ Magazine and talked about the punk music genre as well as its representative, Sex Pistols.

In the 70s, Punk Rock started to rise in the world, with the emergence of bands, such as Ramones, Misfits, Sex Pistols, it became the mainstream rock music genre in the world. Almost around the same time, Black Sabbath decided to kick Ozzy Osbourne.

In a recent conversation with GQ magazine, Ozzy Osbourne made a bold statement about the creation of the punk music genre. Prince of Darkness claimed that punk music is a spin-off of Black Sabbath. With this latest claim, Osbourne stunned the community.

Furthermore, Ozzy mentioned that he doesn’t like these bands at all, but, the only band he liked to listen to was Sex Pistols. However, Osbourne also added that he wanted the band’s vocalist Johnny Rotten to stop talking and make some music.

Here’s what the interviewer asked:

“You left the band just as punk had arrived. What did the punks make of you?”

Here is how Ozzy Osbourne replied:

“Punk was a spinoff of Sabbath. It was anti-Establishment. The only band of them I liked was the Sex Pistols; that one album was great, it captured something.

But Johnny Lydon, whatever his name is, wants to stop talking and make some fucking music.”

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