As you may all know, Black Sabbath’s legendary musician and The Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne released his new song, “Under the Graveyard” after many years.

Unfortunately, many fans on social media didn’t write positive feedbacks to the song. Ultimate-Guitar gathered some of the fans’ reactions to Ozzy’s new song. Here are some reactions right below.

A Twitter user named Mattley Crue wrote:

“Bring back Zakk!”

Another user named Goksel said:

“Needs a better guitar solo.”

Brian Shaw paid attention to another side and said:

“Your voice sounds good ozzman. But guitars not good. Why didn’t you get zakk to play on new songs? I like the rhythm of the new tune. New and creative.”

Fred Rogers mentioned about the auto-tune usage of Ozzy and wrote:

“At this point, the auto-tune is so strong that you can barely make out what the poor guy is saying. Granted, he’s been using it forever but it’s time to give it up. At least it’s not another greatest hits compilation.”

You can listen to Ozzy Osbourne’s latest song below.

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