In the recent episode of Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, they showed how Ozzy managed to earn a new title on his name and delighted the fans with this episode.

Jack planned to get Ozzy knighted in the episode and tried the opportunities on the internet. Afterward, he found out a person who believes he is ‘King Arthur’ and has the authority to make people knight.

Later on, Jack and Ozzy visited this man’s apartment and tried to figure out how Ozzy could be the knight. After a short period, a man who called himself King Arthur knighted Ozzy Osbourne, and the Prince Of Darkness became the ‘Knight Of Darkness’ this way.

Jack Osbourne asked King Arthur:

“Have you ever had anyone challenge your right as King Arthur?”

King Arthur replied:

“Often, yeah. But I’m still here and I’m still Arthur.”

Jack asked:

“Is there a possibility that we can get knighted?”

King Arthur said:

“There is. As Druids, we do have bards in our order and I think your audition was great. I think you sang really nice over the phone today (pointing Ozzy).”

Afterward, Ozzy Osbourne asked Jack a question:

“What is about me that you have to find me strange people to see?”

Jack responded:

“Because it just makes them way more entertaining.”

You can check out the episode below.