Ozzy Osbourne, known as ‘The Prince Of Darkness,’ spoke in the recent interview with Good Morning Britain television show and revealed his regrets in his life.

In the conversation, Ozzy has stated that he regrets not taking care of his parents and not being a good person in the past. Ozzy mentioned these moments in a really sad way, and he would change these memories if he can.

Also, Ozzy has revealed that meeting with Sharon Osbourne changed his life and personality. He explained how important she is to Ozzy’s life and said that he became a better person after he met with Sharon.

Interviewer asked:

“Ozzy, do you have any regrets about your life?”

Ozzy Osbourne replied:

“We all have regrets. I regret not taking care of my parents more than I did… That thing I was with different women and whatever, I really regret that.

The guy that I am now, forget the injury, I’m not that guy anymore, and Sharon always said this about me, I’ve always tried to better myself.”

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