Prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone and talked about his future plans. He said:

I’d like to make an album. I’ll be doing gigs from time to time. I just know I won’t be touring anymore.”

He also revealed his most memorable as follows:

“There was one night when I saw that a bunch of people were not moving to the rock & roll ­– and if someone’s not moving in the audience and not doing anything, I’ll do the show just for that person and I’ll start throwing buckets of water at these people.

Then someone told me the reason they’re not moving or getting into the concert is because they’re all deaf. And I felt like quite an idiot at the time, lashing them with buckets of water and hosing them down [laughs].

They were just standing there. Why does a deaf person want to go to a rock concert? I couldn’t understand that. But I was told they feel the rhythm. It was quite interesting.”

Click here to entire interview.

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