Ozzy Osbourne posted a recent tweet in which he announced that he is launching his new NFT project titled ‘Cryptobatz.’

NFTs achieved widespread popularity earlier this year. A one-off digital cryptocurrency asset, NFTs can be purchased and traded online by using blockchain technology to verify proof of ownership. By buying an NFT, the collectors own collectibles that are unique and irreplaceable.

After NFTs became popular among many artists, numerous musicians released their exclusive music material, digital artwork, or videos as NFTs. For instance, RHCP’s Flea, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Evanescence, and Megadeth are among the ones who entered the cryptocurrency world.

In his recent tweet, Ozzy Osbourne also revealed that he joined the NFT trend. Osbourne said that he launched his NFT project with 9,666 unique bats he designed for his fans. He then urged them to go and follow Cryptobatz’s Twitter account and join the discord server to get on the pre-sale whitelist.

Osbourne will unveil these NFT bats which he designed with NFT studio Sutter Systems in January. Besides, each of the Cryptobatz will have a feature to birth another NFT by ‘biting’ and mutating with other NFTs from the collector’s digital wallet. So, Osbourne’s ‘Cryptobatz’ project offers a unique experience for collectors.

Ozzy Osbourne’s tweets read:

“I’m launching a fucking NFT project. 9,666 unique bats designed by yours truly… Go and follow Cryptobatz’s Twitter account and join the Cryptobatz’s discord server to get on the pre-sale whitelist.”

You can check out Ozzy Osbourne’s tweets below.