During a recent conversation with ‘SiriusXM,’ Black Sabbat legend Ozzy Osbourne talked about the ‘It’s a Raid’ song from his new album ‘Ordinary Man’ and told a bizarre drug story.

While talking about his new album, Ozzy recalled a bizarre story about the Black Sabbath’s sixth studio album ‘Vol 4,’ which was released in 1972, and said that they used a lot of cocaine while recording the album in a rented house.

Here’s what Ozzy Osbourne stated:

“When we [Black Sabbath] were recording [1972’s] ‘Vol. 4,’ we rented this house in Bel Air to write this album, and we had a pile of coke and a pile of pot on this fucking table.

And I’m sitting there, it’s great; Bel Air, sun shining, cocaine, booze, pot… I’m thinking, ‘Fuck me, I made it here!'”

He continued:

“So I’m sitting in this house and it’s boiling hot inside and these buttons on the wall… I go, ‘Oh, it must be the air conditioning.’ I press the fucking button and in five minutes, four or five cop cars come screaming down the driveway.

I’m shouting, ‘It’s a fucking raid!’ So I grab the pile of coke and go into the bathroom. I’m going, ‘I can’t fucking throw this!’ *emulates sniffing a lot of cocaine*

And then the door goes [knock, knock] and I’m… I got cocaine coming out of my ears. I didn’t sleep for four days after that.”

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