The iconic Black Sabbath star, Ozzy Osbourne was recently interviewed by SiriusXM, and made an unexpected statement about his lovely wife, Sharon Osbourne.

Ozzy explained that she was always beside him throughout his career and life. He also praised her for her everlasting support.

Here’s what Ozzy stated:

“She’s the other half of me, and she’s helped me in more ways than just being my manager and my wife.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ozzy gave some great advice to young musicians. He said:

“That’s one of the things people always say to me, what advice do I have for up-and-coming artists? And the advice I always give is: if you’re serious, write as much as you can. Because if you do a hit, there’s never enough songs.”

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Back on 8th November, Ozzy Osbourne posted a new tweet on his verified social media page and revealed great news for the fans.

As you will see the tweet below, Ozzy announced that his latest single will be released today.

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