The prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne made a new statement on his Instagram page and introduced his friend George, who is having a rare chromosome disorder for a while.

Ozzy stated that George is working really hard and trying to smile all the time. So he asked his followers to support Unique Charity somehow.

Here is his statement:

“It’s Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week! This is my friend George, who has 8q 22.3-ter duplication.

His rare chromosome disorder causes developmental delays, so he is in and out of therapies and specialist visits every day while still doing all of the things a typical 6 year old would do. He works really hard and smiles and laughs through it all!

Without @unique_charity and their information on 8q duplication, George’s parents would not have known where to begin to understand his disorder and how it may impact his life. #shinebrighttogether #chromosomedisorderawarenessweek#rarechromo #awareness#uniquecharity #notalone photo by @lkrphoto”

You can see the photo below: