Black Sabbath’s legendary singer, Ozzy Osbourne has made a new question and answer session, and after a question, he has revealed emotional details about his relationship with his wife, Sharon Osbourne.

First of all, he mentioned about how ‘partying with women every night’ affected his life, and then revealed how Sharon changed his life for a great purpose.

A fan asked:

“If he ever thought he would be where he is today when first starting out in the music business.”

Ozzy responded:

“Absolutely! I knew, I thought, ‘Oh, this will do!’ When the first Black Sabbath album got in the charts, it was the first time I ever got success.

I figured it would end, but we were picked up by various magazines and I thought, ‘This will be good for a few years. Partying every night, women, and wine and rock’n’roll.’

Here we are, 50 years up the road. I know that without a shadow of a doubt though, if it wasn’t for my wife Sharon, I wouldn’t be here now. I wouldn’t be alive.

She pushed me when I needed it. She yelled at me when I needed it. At the time I didn’t think I wanted to be yelled at, but in the long run, you got to get off your butt and you got to get to what you’re here to do. And I believe that’s what I’m here to do!”

He also added:

“When we started off, I can remember, we were both broke, no credit cards, nothing. We’d have all the cash from the gig in a briefcase and we’d have to stay in these really cheap hotels.”

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