The legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne joined a show named ‘The Talk‘ with his wife Sharon and his daughter Kelly and revealed the details of their quarantine life at home as a family.

As you might remember, Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne had a rough year regarding his health problems. He was diagnosed with a form of Parkinson’s Disease in February 2019, which he publicly revealed in January 2020.

Ozzy also revealed he had a traumatic fall at his Los Angeles house in late 2018 which caused dislodging metal rods that had been put in his body following an accident in 2003. Ozzy had to deal with several other health issues, including pneumonia, over the course of the last few years.

The Osbourne family joined the CBS show, ‘The Talk,’ sharing the details of their self-quarantine days due to the Covid-19 pandemic and how it had been to spend time together as a family at the same house.

Apparently, Ozzy’s daughter Kelly Osbourne has been staying with her parents, particularly to help them out during her father’s recovery process. However, when one of the hosts asked Ozzy what he thought about Kelly’s stay at their house, he made fun of his daughter complaining about her non-stop talking.

You can see the video of the Osbourne family posted on ‘The Talk’s Twitter account.