Ozzy Osbourne, also known as The Prince Of Darkness, spoke in a recent interview with Billy Morrison on SiriusXM and touched upon the importance of being connected with someone.

In the conversation, Ozzy mentioned that the mental health problems that people especially living through in the self-quarantine days and explained why unloading yourself is the key factor to not to be stressed.

Ozzy stated that having someone close to you and sharing your feelings all the time is the best thing you could do in these tough days. Also, Ozzy pointed out that being alone is really problematic and gave an example from his own.

Ozzy said that when he is a room in his head on his own, it became a really bad place and showed how people need to be with someone they trust. In this way, Ozzy revealed the importance of his wife, Sharon Osbourne.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said:

“People have gotta learn to start sharing their feelings with someone they trust, because people who are locked up and worried about this pandemic and whatever need to unload, because if you don’t unload, you’re gonna get depressed. And if you get depressed, who knows what’s gonna happen?

If you’ve got a best friend or you’ve got someone who you trust, don’t be afraid to share. Because you know what? We are all in the shithole right now. We are all in an environment that we don’t wanna be in.

When I’m in a room in my head on my own, it’s a bad fucking place. ‘Cause my head never tells me anything fucking good.

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