On a recent Twitter post, well-known television show Good Morning Britain has announced that they joined Ozzy Osbourne’s home as a guest and did an interview with the Osbourne family.

As you might already know, a month ago, The Prince Of Darkness has announced that he is diagnosed with PRKN 2, which is a form of Parkinson’s disease that affects his body.

Despite having this terrible disease, Ozzy opened his house to talk with Piers Morgan, who is the co-presenter of the show. Also, Piers has stated that this is one of the most entertaining shows in his career. According to Good Morning Britain, you can be able to watch the show on Monday.

Here is the statement of Good Morning Britain:

“In a WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview, Piers Morgan talks to Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne from their Hollywood home. You don’t want to miss this one! Tune in to Good Morning Britain on Monday from 6 am.”

A fan named Caroline added this comment:

“So do they discuss his adultery, domestic violence, drug-taking, etc, etc? I have read Sharon’s books so fully aware of their story. Thank God I’ll still be in the hospital, won’t be topping my credit up until 9 am.”

Another fan named Polly May replied:

“World exclusive indeed! This is why ITV ignored your bully-like behavior! Potty mouth Sharon Osborne, really is that the best you could come up with!”

You can check the tweet below.