O'Neil Photo Credit: Peter Kramer—NBC/Getty Images

Ozzy Osbourne, who is known as the lead vocalist of the band Black Sabbath and with his collaboration with Post Malone, has shared a quite amusing video of Shaquille O’Neal that he and his family are partying while listening to Ozzy himself.

In the video, Shaquille O’Neal plays the ‘Paranoid’ which is one of the legend songs of Black Sabbath, by using a DJ stereo in the kitchen and the O’Neal family dance crazy.

Ozzy Osbourne shared these funny moments with his followers with this caption:

“Let’s get this party started!”

And the comments that were made under the video are as funny as the video itself:

“I thought this was a meme page.”

Another user wrote this as a comment:

“Ozzy, can I dance with u like that?”

It seems that friendship between Osbournes and O’Neals will continue for many years. As the followers remember, Osbournes and O’Neals frequently take place in magazines together with different news.

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