Black Sabbath’s legendary frontman Ozzy Osbourne recently witnessed a brand new rendition of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ on Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour upon which he expressed his feelings towards the parody of one of his favorite songs.

As you probably know, Ozzy Osbourne is not only known as one of the most famous metal vocalists of all time but also as a well-known TV personality. After the success of The Osbournes, the reality show that premiered in 2002 which came to be known as the most-viewed series ever on MTV, Ozzy decided to embark on a similar journey with his son Jack.

Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour is a TV show that airs on AXS TV and follows the iconic duo on a trip to remember within the United States and in Europe. In a recent episode, Ozzy had that chance to watch a funny rendition of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’. As you may recall, the hit track was released on Black Sabbath’s 1970 album ‘Paranoid’ and it was a great hit.

In fact, VH1 ranked the song as the greatest heavy metal song of all time, and ‘Iron Man’ achieved Silver certification in the United Kingdom. Its fame increased even more after it was used at the end credits in the famous Marvel movie Iron Man in 2008, and then at the trailer of the 2010 sequel, Iron Man 2.

In the latest episode of Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, Jack arranged a surprise viewing for his father in which McDonald, the famous yellow outfit mascot of the fast-food chain, sang a comical rendition of ‘Iron Man.’ The lyrics were adapted to the fast-food chains’ unhealthy products, and Ozzy really got a kick out of it.

This is what AXS TV said in their tweet:

“We guarantee you’ve never heard a version of ‘Iron Man’ quite like this. World Detour continues on AXS TV SUNDAY 9/8c! Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Osbourne.”

Here’s what the McDonald persona said after the show to Ozzy:

‘”It’s my fault that Ozzy has been warning the world about evil. Is this correct? Correct me if I’m wrong. So, we’ve come to warn the world about the evils of fast food.”

Here’s the conversation between Jack and Ozzy:

“Jack: Did you like their message in the music?
Ozzy: To be honest with you I couldn’t – I was just watching the clown…
Jack: I mean it’s not the most serious of things.
Ozzy: It’s fun, it’s a spoof on Black Sabbath and if you can’t stand the laugh, don’t f*** do it.
Jack: Educate through humor.
Ozzy: They did a good job.”

You can check out the tweet and video below.