In a Q&A session with Blabbermouth, Ozzy Osbourne dived into his new album ‘Patient Number 9’ and talked about his reunion with guitar players Tony Iommi and Zakk Wylde.

Black Sabbath icon Osbourne has had some medical issues for the past four years. After his latest album, ‘Ordinary Man,’ the Prince of Darkness has been through a lot with the unfortunate addition of the pandemic and the multiple surgeries that hindered him from his life on stage.

The Hall of Famer suffered multiple serious injuries requiring 15 screws to be placed in his spine, leaving him with nerve damage. He also revealed his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The singer stated in an interview that he couldn’t even walk properly anymore and was preparing to undergo neck surgery.

The 71-year-old released his new single titled ‘Patient Number 9’ shortly after his neck surgery. This news shocked the world since fans weren’t expecting a new release so soon after such a significant operation. Still, the rocker has an album waiting to come out in a few months. In the middle of his health issues, the Black Sabbah singer completed his upcoming record.

In a new conversation, Osbourne stated that the album was an escape from the problems he had been experiencing for the past four years. He also talked about reuniting with people from his past. The rocker stated that working with Iommi was great after their time together in Black Sabbath. Osbourne also talked about Zakk Wylde’s contribution to the album and said that he is a part of his family and his talent was essential to this album.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne stated:

“It’s no secret that the last four years have been very difficult for me, but making this album took my mind off of my problems. It was really great working with Tony. He’s the riff master. No one can touch him in that respect.

I only wish we had these songs for Black Sabbath’s ’13’ album. Zakk is part of my family and always will be. The album needed that weight that his playing provides. He just came in and sorted things out.”

After several years of suffering and uncertainty, Osbourne has made a comeback with not only a new album but also with very successful guest appearances. Though the single just arrived from his new record, the entire album will come out on September 9.

You can listen to Osbourne’s new single below.