During the recent talk with Broken Record Podcast, the legend Ozzy Osbourne has shared his thoughts about AC/DC and revealed his favorite singer of the band.

In the conversation, Ozzy has explained himself about how much he loves AC/DC. Also, The Prince Of Darkness stated that he prefers Bon Scott over any singer of the band.

Furthermore, he said that AC/DC’s guitar riffs are so amazing that you just can’t stop moving your head and enjoying the songs.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said:

“I love AC/DC, they were great. Bon Scott was a great singer. I mean, Brian Johnson’s alright, but I prefer Bon.

They opened for Black Sabbath in 1971, I think, in Sydney, Australia. Angus Young, he played meat and potatoes – that’s what I like about them: there ain’t no one to touch Angus Young for that groove.”

Ozzy added:

“You could bang your head all day and night and not get fed up. They worked their asses off. When I was in Sabbath, I used to say, ‘Why don’t we try doing a fucking danceable kind of riff?'”

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