Metal icon Ozzy Osbourne is recording his next album right now with Zakk Wylde. Speaking in an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Ozzy shared some details of his upcoming album.

He said:

I’ve got about seven songs. One’s called ‘Mr. Armageddon’, one’s called ‘Crack Cocaine’.”

He also talked about Zakk Wylde:

“Well, I first met Zakk… It’s gotta be thirty years [ago], [or] twenty-five. But when Jake E. Lee and I [went our separate ways], I went on a quest to find another guitar player, and I must have had ten thousand resumes and tapes sent in. Believe it or not, the only one I picked up was Zakk Wylde.

My wife said to me, ‘You’ve gotta go through these,’ and I said, ‘I can’t go through ten thousand. That would be insane after the first hundred.’ So the only one I really looked at was Zakk Wylde, and he had a photo, and I thought, ‘Oh, another Randy Rhoads clone.’ So when I met him, we just hit it off. It’s not like having a bandmember so much as a family member — I mean, we’re like family, you know.

It was inevitable that Zakk would do his own thing eventually, but we have always remained very close friends — we talk to each other, go out socially from time to time. But I have just done a few gigs over the last couple of months, [and] his playing has improved unbelievably. My jaw dropped at how good he’s got. He’s really come on since I have been playing with him before.”

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