The Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, will release his new solo album called ‘Ordinary Man’ on February 21, 2020, via Epic Records. Today, he posted a new teaser video on his Instagram page to promote the upcoming album but his little message deeply saddened the whole fans.

As you might know, Ozzy has been struggling with several health problems for the last two years. Recently, Ozzy announced that he diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and because of that reason, he canceled his 2020 live tour called ‘No More Tears 2.’

Today, Ozzy posted a new promotional video about his new album ‘Ordinary Man,’ which will be released on February 21, and left a confusing and sad message in the caption area of the post.

Here’s what he wrote:

“It feels like Today Is The End…”

In the comment section of the post, fans showed off their positive support and good vibes to Ozzy. We compiled the comments written by the fans, check it out below.

A fan named Teri said:

“We love you. There aren’t enough words to express how much you mean to us and music. Endings aren’t always a bad thing. Try to find peace in your decisions and know they are for the best. Never feel like you’re letting anyone down. 🖤”

A fan named Kelly wrote:

“I’m praying for you Ozzy🙏”

Another fan named Steely commented:

“It will never be the end for Ozzy.”

Another Instagram user said:

“You’ve always been a great artist. I’m praying for healing, peace, and comfort. Hopefully, you’ll get back on your feet soon. 👊”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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It feels like Today Is The End… #OrdinaryMan #Ozzy

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