Ozzy Osbourne shared a picture of him and Yungblud in a recent Instagram post and announced that he appeared in Yungblud’s new music video for ‘Dancing At My Funeral’ as a guest musician.

On March 11, Yungblud released his new single entitled ‘The Funeral.’ Before the release, he shared several posts on his social media accounts to promote the song. Although the musician has been teasing an upcoming third album, it is unknown whether the single will be featured.

In one of his tweets, Yungblud shared backstage footage of the music video for ‘The Funeral.’ In the video he posted, he appears with Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne on the set. Therefore, fans expected Osbourne to play a role in the music video even before its official release.

Recently, Ozzy Osbourne took to Instagram to confirm that he made a guest appearance in the music video for ‘The Funeral.’ He added that the song sounds excellent and shared a photo of him and Yungblud on the set. The Prince of Darkness was wearing creepy make-up in the picture, which is a playful aspect of the musician many fans have missed seeing.

Yungblud also posted a short clip from the music video on his official Instagram to announce the release. In the music video, Osbourne is seen standing next to Yungblud’s coffin and asking where everybody is if it’s a f*cking funeral. The duo was spotted having a great time in the music video set, and the song is out now and already has more than 40k views on YouTube.

Ozzy Osbourne’s penned in his Instagram post:

“I just did a guest appearance in Yungblud’s new music video ‘Dancing At My Funeral.’ F*cking great song!

Yungblud also stated in his Instagram post the following:

“‘The Funeral’ out now!”

You can have a look at the photo in Osbourne’s Instagram post, Yungblud’s tweet, and the music video for ‘The Funeral’ below.

Photo Credit: Ozzy Osbourne