One of the legendary metal vocalists of all time, Ozzy Osbourne, spoke in a recent interview with The Mirror Magazine and revealed his thoughts about his latest album, Ordinary Man.

In February, Ozzy shocked the world by releasing a new album after diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and this 43 minutes long album listed in third place in the United Kingdom and Billboard charts.

In the conversation, Ozzy stated that the Ordinary Man album was the greatest medication during those rough times and admitted that it saved his life. In this way, Ozzy proved that how much he is connected with the music itself.

Moreover, Ozzy talked about his future plans and said that he is not done yet. Ozzy mentioned that he still has a lot of things left and definitely will make a new album in the future.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said:

“The best medication I’ve had in a long time. Doing the record saved my life. I’m just a very fortunate man to be still here talking to you about my life. Life goes on. Right now, right here, today. I’m fucking great.

“I ain’t done yet. I have a lot left. We’re doing an album. My father said I would always be a big something one day.

He said, ‘You are either going to do something special or go to prison.’ I had a dream and it came true. I have a good life.”

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