Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has expressed his utmost boredom due to the ongoing global pandemic of COVID-19 while revealing that he has been doing target practice with a pellet gun as a pastime activity.

During his latest conversation with Billy Morrison for the new episode of the ‘Ozzy Speaks‘ on SiriusXM, the legendary vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne, has looked back on the good, bad, and ugly of 2020.

The official Twitter account of SiriusXM has shared a short section taken from the promising chat which streamed on Ozzy’s Boneyard channel. In the teaser, Ozzy says that it’s going to be a pretty short conversation because nothing’s happening when looking back on the whole year.

While complaining about the never-ending quarantine period, Osbourne admitted that he can’t wait to start living again. The legend also revealed that he has begun to do target practice with a massive pellet gun in the garden of his home out of boredom.

Furthermore, he said he has been trying anything to get his mind off the pandemic these days. As you may recall, during the recent interview he gave on Rock Classics Radio on Apple Music Hits, Ozzy Osbourne said he won’t get a coronavirus vaccine although he’s been fighting some serious illnesses like Parkinson’s disease and pneumonia.

Osbourne worried his fans when considering his current condition and decision against the vaccine. Ozzy said that he’s not gonna be the number one on the new vaccine because he doesn’t desire to be the first one to wake up with a set of antlers in the morning.

Here’s what Ozzy Osbourne said about his talking over 2020:

“It’s going to be pretty quick because nothing’s fucking happening. We’re on the home stretch, now. Let’s hope and pray that this thing dissipates. I can’t wait to start living again. What I’ve managed to do, pretty well so far, is keep out of the fridge.”

Ozzy continued and talked about his target practice:

“Well, I’ve got one of these minds that go, ‘I’m bored. Let’s buy some dope.’ Well, I mean, anything to get my mind off the fucking pandemic.”

It was said in the caption of the video by SiriusXM that:

Ozzy Osbourne is looking back on the good, bad, and ugly of 2020. Hear ‘Ozzy Speaks’ with Billy Morrison tonight, 11/23 at 5 pm ET on Ozzy’s Boneyard.”

You can see the video below.