Former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne recently released a commercial for his latest NFT ‘MutantBatz’ on his official Instagram account, which will be available for purchase soon.

A short time ago, Osbourne announced his NFT project, ‘Cryptobatz,’ a collection of 9666 non-fungible tokens specifically designed for Osbourne’s longtime fans. It was inspired by the singer’s infamous bat-biting incident after a fan threw a dead bat at him, and he bit its head off on the stage in 1982.

Even though Osbourne has clarified the situation many times, saying that it was an accident and he thought it was a toy, his fans never forgot that moment, and it turned into a signature incident for him. Therefore, the singer and his team decided to use it in their new project to catch up with the new NFT craziness.

Following ‘Cryptobatz,’ Osbourne revealed that he will launch ‘MutantBatz’ on February 20, 2022, through a funny commercial full of different kinds of bats representing mutating NFTs that can bite the other ones in the collector’s wallet. It’s important to remind that every crypto bat can bite the other token once.

Osbourne’s IG post read as follows:

“Introducing… ‘MutantBatz.’

Consequently, as it can be understood from Osbourne’s enthusiasm and interest in non-fungible tokens, Ozzy will probably release more NFTs that will have surprising features for the fans and collectors.