Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has shared a video of himself on his official Instagram account, having fun with the funniest ‘Bat Filter’ on social media.

As you might already know, Ozzy has a history with the bats. In one of his concerts, the Prince of Darkness bit the head off a real bat in 1982.

After all these years, he didn’t forget these quirky moments and shared a really funny video about the bats. In the video, the bats were all around the Ozzy and one of them was going inside his mouth.

In eleven hours, the video watched over 470.000 times and the fans left some crazy comments in the post.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne wrote:

“Check out my new #Bats #Tattoo filter that plays part of ‘It’s A Raid’. Click the face icon on my page! #OrdinaryMan #ItsARaid #Ozzy”

A fan named Addie added this comment:

“Geez Ozzy, haven’t you already had enough bats in your mouth during your lifetime 😂 Even one is way too many”

Another fan named Nate said this:

“Looking well ozz! ❤️FUCK PARKINSONS 🤘🏻 you are immortal!”

You can check out Ozzy’s post below.