Back in December 2018, in an interview with The Metal Voice, former Ozzy Osbourne drummer Lee Kerslake has revealed his dying wish from Ozzy.

Doctors gave him about 7 months to live due to prostate cancer. In that interview, he said:

“I’ve written to Sharon and Ozzy recently, a personal letter basically asking them to kindly send me a platinum album certifications for Blizzard of Ozz and or Diary of a Madman to hang on my wall before I die, it’s on my bucket list.

I really wrote a nice letter to them and I hope they will come to terms with it and say yes. I went belly-up bankrupt when I lost the case to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne in the courts it costs me hundreds of thousands and I had to sell the house and then starting to get ill.

I never managed to get back up but a platinum certification on my wall for these albums would be fantastic and it would say I help create those album.”

Today, Ozzy Osbourne has shared the photo of Lee Kerslake, and wrote:

“I’m so glad that Lee Kerslake is enjoying his Blizzard and Diary platinum albums. I hope you feel better.

– Love, Ozzy”

You can see heartbreaking photo of Lee below. He seems really happy. Well done Ozzy.