During his appearance on Sirius XM, Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he worries he might never perform again on the stage after undergoing neck surgery for second time.

Back on December 8, 2003, Osbourne had an accident with his quad bike on his estate. He was then rushed into the hospital for emergency surgery as he broke his collar bone, eight ribs, and a neck vertebra. According to his wife Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy almost died at that time as he had stopped breathing following the crash.

On February 6, 2019, Osbourne was hospitalized due to flu complications which caused him to postpone his No More Tours 2 tour. Later on, it turned out that his complications were a result of pneumonia. While he was still recovering from the disease, Ozzy fell in his LA home in 2019 and sustained serious injuries including displacing the metal rods in his body.

After that unfortunate incident, Osbourne underwent his first neck surgery the same year. Although he was doing okay after the medical procedure, it turned out that the surgery made him suffer in tremendous agony. Recently, the metal icon revealed that he will undergo a second surgery to fix the remaining issues.

According to The Mirror, Osbourne talked about his upcoming surgery on Sirius XM. During the show, he recalled the last procedure which caused him so much pain. The musician said that he has a date for the upcoming procedure, and his new doctor revealed to him that the first operation apparently didn’t end up well for him.

Following that, Osbourne stated this doctor also told him that he can repair his problems, but he still has concerns. Ozzy then mentioned that his first doctor told him he might not be able to walk, and the surgery had a really bad effect on him. Moreover, Osbourne revealed that he is quite concerned about not being able to do shows in the future.

As reported by The Mirror, Ozzy Osbourne told Sirius XM that:

“I now have a date for when I have my surgery on my neck. When I saw this guy he said, ‘The first guy didn’t do a very good job.’ He is not telling me that he can put me back to normal, which is no excuse.

He says he can do this and that and do my neck. The way it is now I ain’t very encouraged. What if it gets worse?

The first guy said if you do not have this surgery, you have got a good chance of being crippled for the rest of your life. So, I came out of the surgery. [my son] Jack has got video of me before and after the surgery and this guy fucked me up.

You know what, even top guys make mistakes. And I am a bit gun shy after the first one. I am just hoping and praying that I can at least do a fucking show.

Apart from his fear about the surgery, Ozzy Osbourne is also worried about playing live during the pandemic. So, it appears that the musician won’t continue his No More Tours 2 tour until he gathers his strength to perform.