The legendary Black Sabbath icon, Ozzy Osbourne posted a super-exciting tweet on his verified and official Twitter account. He shared the breaking news that he has created a playlist of his favorite songs for Holiday via Spotify.

When he announced that news with that tweet, he also shared an interesting photo of himself. You can easily notice that he already started to wear his Chrismas clothes.

As you might all know that Ozzy is struggling with serious health issues for 2 years. Lastly, in October, he had to postpone some of his shows due to his neck surgery. After those incidents, Ozzy got well really soon, and he’s completely healthy right now.

Here’s what he wrote:

“My #Holiday #Playlist is LIVE on @Spotify now!!”

A fan named Greg commented:

I see still Rockin rolling after all these years the man with the most longest and success music career I have ever seen.”

Another fan named Daniel said:

“The sweater fits, remember no bright light, no water, and whatever you do NO feeding after midnight! The sweater will come alive!”

You can see the tweet and listen to the Spotify playlist right below.

Also, you can listen to the playlist right below.