The legendary members of Black Sabbath were the latest interview guest of Kory Grow of Rolling Stone and talked about the days they were in the studio for Black Sabbath’s Vol.4 as well as the remastered version of the album.

As you might already know from our recently published articles. Black Sabbath has released the remastered version of ‘Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4 Super Deluxe Edition’ last week. The Deluxe Edition of the album features remastered versions of Sabbath classics like ‘Supernaut‘ and ‘Snowblind’ as well as unreleased studio and live songs.

In their latest interview, Black Sabbath legends Ozzy Osbourne, Tonny Iommi, Bill Ward, and Geezer Butler recalled the days they were in studio to record their fourth album and admitted that they wanted to call the album title ‘Snowblind’ just after spending over $65,000 to their favorite narcotic, cocaine during the recording process.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said about Snowblind:

“We wrote ‘Snowblind’ because it was the most amazing discovery of our lives. We thought that’s what success was, but it turned out to be our worst enemy. We were headfirst into that shit, and it was terrible.

Now I think to myself, ‘What the fuck was I thinking to think that was a good night out?’ The night never ended. You’d still be going to the next morning.”

Tony Iommi chimed in:

“I put my guitar down on the stand, and I never turned it down. It was feeding back, and I tapped it, and it went boink, and of course, the engineers recorded it, and it was a bit mad, really, because we were pretty out of it.”

You can listen to the ‘Snowblind’ right below.

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