One of the most iconic vocalists in the world, Ozzy Osbourne, spoke in a recent interview with Daily Mirror and explained the real reason why he doesn’t want to retire at all, even after the secondary farewell tour, ‘No More Tours II.’

In the conversation, Ozzy showed his passion for playing in front of the audience and pointed out how much it matters to him to be on the stage while mentioning his nickname, Prince Of Darkness.

71-year-old frontman stated that it is a better feeling than orgasm when you feel the audience is starting to jump on the show and said that this is the best feeling in his entire life. Moreover, Ozzy showed his gratitude for the fans who still want to see him on the stage.

In this way, Ozzy explained why he doesn’t want to retire from the music industry and showed how important to have a connection with the audience. It seems like Ozzy won’t stop being on stage until the fans don’t want to see him.

Here is what Ozzy Osbourne said:

“You know the time when I will retire? When I can hear them nail a lid on my box. And then I’ll fucking do an encore. I’m the Prince Of Darkness.

When you feel that audience jumping, it’s a better feeling than orgasm. It is the best love affair of my life.

The party is on, man. I feel honored people still want to see me.”

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