Black Sabbath’s legendary frontman Ozzy Osbourne recently posted a photo with his wife on his Instagram account and stated that he stands beside Sharon who is currently being criticized for her stance against racism during ‘The Talk’ show.

As you may have heard, Sharon Osbourne, the TV personality, author, and entertainment manager, recently faced numerous accusations of being racist upon being confronted by her co-host Sheryl Underwood after Sharon’s support for Piers Morgan who was criticized for his racist comments considering Meghan Markle.

Some weeks ago, upon Meghan Markle’s conversation with Ophrah, the famous TV personality Piers Morgan commented that he doesn’t believe anything that she says and stated that she sparked an ‘onslaught’ on the royal family. He was criticized for being dismissive of her experiences and his stance was perceived as racist.

Following that, Sharon posted a message on her social media account and showed her support for Piers Morgan. Some days later, during ‘The Talk’ show that she co-hosts, Sharon was confronted by her co-host Sheryl Underwood who asked Sharon why she felt the need to support a person who had made racist statements.

This question really offended Sharon who strongly stated that she’s not racist and got quite defensive. On March 26, it was announced that Sharon left ‘The Talk’ show after an investigation that was initiated by the network following the allegations of racism as the network decided that Sharon’s attitude and behavior towards the show’s co-host didn’t align with the network’s values.

With his recent Instagram post, Ozzy showed his support for his wife and said that he ‘can’t f*cking hear you,’ signaling that the false-accusations are something that he has paid little attention to. His post received numerous comments, some of which supported Sharon and agreed that these are false accusations, while others described Sharon’s stance as an example of ‘white fragility.’

Here’s what Ozzy said in the caption of his recent post with Sharon:

“I can’t f*cking hear you! #TeamSharon”

Click here to check out Ozzy Osbourne’s post and you can watch a short clip from Sharon’s discussion on racism below.