Black Sabbath’s legendary frontman Ozzy Osbourne recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and said that he got his seat at the Super Bowl game and revealed that he attended this years match in a rather unusual way.

As you know, this year’s Super Bowl took place this Sunday at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and it was rather different from the previous 54 as for the first time ever, hundreds of celebrities were not able to pack the front rows and thousands of fans were unable to attend.

It hosted the smallest attendance in Super Bowl history with 25,000 attendees, 7,500 of them being vaccinated healthcare workers who were given free tickets, and over 30,000 cutouts. All fans were given masks and hand sanitizers at the entrance of the stadium and were required to wear masks throughout the game.

Ozzy Osbourne was one of the rockstars who couldn’t attend the Super Bowl physically but was there in a different way. The celebrities that were supposed to attend the Super Bowl were sat in their seats as cardboards and although they were not there physically they showed their support from their homes. In his recent Instagram post, Osbourne shared the photo of his cardboard figure sitting at his seat and said ‘got my seat for the game.’

Here’s what Ozzy Osbourne said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Got my seat for the game NFL The Checkdown.”

Click here to check out the photo that Ozzy posted on his Instagram account.