In a recent conversation on ‘SiriusXM,’ Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne talked about his released songs as a solo artist and revealed how many songs he wrote through those years.

Ozzy Osbourne said that he has released 173 songs by this time. He also described his favorite as the album he hasn’t made yet.

Here’s what Ozzy said:

“No. Well, I haven’t written them, I co-wrote them… You know what? My son says to me, ‘Dad, why are you always so contempt about what you’ve released?’ But if I go, ‘Whoa! I’ve done 173 songs!’, I can’t take it all in.

It’s like I’ve said: I’ve said I haven’t released what I consider my ‘Sgt. Pepper,’ my ultimate. When people ask which is my favorite album, I go, ‘I haven’t made it yet.'”

When asked if he had songs he regrets not doing, he continued:

“Oh, yeah. Every album I go, ‘Why the fuck…?’

Like, ‘Shit, I should’ve done that!'”

You can watch the part of the interview below.

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