Black Sabbath’s legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne spoke in an interview made by KLOS and explained his ideas about retirement. Apparently, Ozzy will never retire. Here is the statement:

“It seems that a lot of people drop dead around [the age of 65]. [Laughs] You know, in England they get to 65 and they go, ‘That’s it, I’m done.’ Stop working, stop doing anything, and just sit there and…

My old man did the same! [He was] 65 when he retired. But you got to have something to do! You need to have something to get up in the morning for.

“That’s what happens, and they have no reason to live. I get up early and go to bed early. What was wrong with us [when we were young] when we thought staying up all night was a good idea? Nine o’clock, I wanna be in bed.

Yeah, I work out on most days. I do a bit of weights, but I just got a new trainer, he’s good. I do cardio a lot. I just got a rowing machine! That’s something, I’ll say! It’s good.”

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