During an interview with SiriusXM, Ozzy Osbourne talked about his current relationship with the world-renown rapper Past Malone and opened up about his experience working with Malone on their second studio track ‘Its a Raid.’

Black Sabbath’s Ozzy released his twelfth studio album ‘Ordinary Man‘ on February 21, 2020, and it was highly appreciated by both fans and critics. The album was produced by Louis Bell and Andrew Watt and it was the first time Ozzy collaborated with them. The fourth single of the album ‘It’s a Raid’ featuring Post Malone, was released one day before the release of the album.

Today, February 11, marked the release of the highly anticipated animated video for ‘It’s a Raid’ which was one of the most liked tracks of Ozzy’s latest album. The video was released at 7:30 pm EST and half an hour before its release Ozzy and Post Malone went live on Ozzy’s YouTube account. As ‘COVID-19 made it difficult to get together to shoot a music video‘ for their track, the duo decided to do an animated video.

In an interview last year on Sirius XM, upon the release of ‘It’s a Raid’ Ozzy had opened up about his relationship with Post Malone. He had said that he didn’t know who Post Malone was up to two years ago, although Malone had achieved mainstream success by then. However, Ozzy added that since then, the two of them have become very close and worked together on ‘two studio tracks and have performed together twice.’

Here’s what Ozzy Osbourne said in the interview:

“A couple of years ago I didn’t even know who Post Malone was. Since then we’ve worked together on two studio tracks and have performed together twice.

Understandably COVID-19 made it difficult to get together to shoot a music video for ‘It’s A Raid’ so we opted for this wildly imagined animated video for the final single from the ‘Ordinary Man’ album.”

Click here for the source and you can watch the animated video of ‘It’s a Raid’ below.